Ayurveda cooking courses for professional chefs. Treat your guests holistically!

Enrich the impression your gastronomy generates through the splendor of the sublime Ayurvedic cuisine. The artful Ayurvedic recipes of Johannes Baumgartner will leave a lasting memory with every guest. Each meal is a creation of attractive colors and nuances of flavor, which will induce balance, well-being and joy.

In Johannes Baumgartner's cooking courses you will learn the art of preparing the finest rice dishes, curries, snacks and sauces, desserts and much more. In addition to the practical instruction you will also receive a clear insight into the timeless tradition of Ayurveda as well as a course book for your kitchen. You'll find that it internalizes the culinary art and enkindles the joy of cooking. Price and course duration according to agreement.

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